22 December 2011

in two weeks...

...this girl is off to london.
i'm trying to make an unwavering point to journal my pre-departure concerns. i get to soak in two weeks of being home; it's safe to declare two weeks a perfect time at home.
yesterday i ate at my first hibachi grill. as we were browsing through the menu, a chef at another table had this entire performance prepared (i have to say, he knew what he was doing) and at the end, he tried aiming shrimp into people's mouths. i just so happened to look over and he totally hit this woman in the eye. i suppose i was in a giddy, delirious state from the night drive to san antonio, because this small moment struck me as the funniest thing ever. it was great.
anyhow, i put a jar of olive oil mayonnaise into my hair tonight, let it sit for about 50 minutes, washed it, pinned it, blow dried it, and BAM! SOFTEST HAIR EVER. i can't believe it. after all the shit i've done to it, this mayonnaise replenished my brittle, color-demaged, tangled dread-like curls to the light, bouncy ringlets they were once upon a time. fucking awesome.
okay i'm tired of writing.