08 March 2011

arcade fire - no cars go
dionne warwick - walk on by
henry mancini - big band montage
naked eyes - always something there (to remind me)

01 March 2011


today we had an acting candidate teach our section. a total blob of mixed emotions. as usual, i was the silent observer absorbing everything she was saying and trying to filter out what i thought was kosher and what wasn't. it so strange, but i felt like i, alongside all my other colleagues, were cheating on leslie. not only were we taking time out of her limited class, we're treating these candidates like royalty. which i suppose is alright...but i can't imagine knowing you're going to be replaced and seeing those who are the ones doing it. over the semester, i've grown to pinpoint leslie's faults and loose ends. trust me, i don't agree with everything that woman says--in fact, i think she can be very haughty at times (but who am i kidding, i get that way too)--however, she is knowledgeable, tough, and i never feel like she'll let me fall. with all this hullabaloo over our guests, i am becoming considerably more grateful that my class got leslie's last year.
feeling unfaithful is not a feeling i'm accustomed to. perhaps it will wash away this time next week. you never know.