21 February 2011


this is the second day i've missed movement IN A ROW.

*superficial, petty post of the day

17 February 2011

Are you prepared for the atom bomb?
Are you prepared for my aching arms?
Are you prepared?
Are you prepared?
Are you prepared for serenity?
Are you prepared to disagree?
Are you prepared?
Are you prepared for me?

14 February 2011

i feel particularly dejected tonight.
i couldn't think of a better word to describe it.
according to the dictionary, dejected means to be affected or marked by low spirits.
yeah. that sums me up this evening.

i've really been putting all my effort into stage management. i only take breaks backstage when i know there isn't anything coming up because a) there are no props or b) i've already set them. i'm more than fairly confident that i make a damn good asm and would probably make an efficient stage manager (not that i ever, EVER want to do this again...), so i shouldn't be put down by silly little things called actors.

i know i'm sometimes a little harsh, but i by no means considered myself a cruel person. i'd like to think i was extremely fair and friendly to those who deserve it. i really do love the cast, but there is a certain sour someone that really throws me a little off my track. i'm not one to get my feelings hurt often, so when they do feel that certain pang, it's a tad bit shocking.

the grand thing is in the morning, i'll wake up completely free of these thoughts. that is...if i do well on this quiz in acting.

i've got to remember that my parents raised me on good morals and i need to learn to trust them.