17 November 2010

I’m on the hunt.
I’m on the hunt for THE play to direct.
A play in which my senses absorb the text, music, and overall feel of the atmosphere. An abstract atmosphere—heartfelt, intensely emotional, engaging, and thought provoking. I’m not concerned with the plot so much as I am with the development of characters. Of course, there has to be some sort of cohesiveness, but I’m mostly looking for a play that opens up a orb or channel to the inner gooeyness of humans and their fears, insecurities, and guilty pleasures. Ethereal, cerebral, yet remaining somewhat nebulous, I want the audience to take the performance with them and dwell on its underlying theme.
Now, where to begin finding this play? I’ve been to the arts library, unlocking countless plays…but I’m so picky. It’s almost as if I go with my gut instinct on titles of plays—I’ll admit, I judge a play by its title. The ones I chose yesterday were: How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found, Silence, and Soap.
Depressing and eerie, right?
I have to find THE play that matches all of the above criteria. Wish me luck.