27 July 2009

gnihtyna enod t'nevah.

1. haven't done anything
2. haven't done anything
3. haven't done anything
4. haven't done anything
5. haven't done anything
6. haven't done anything
7. haven't done anything
8. haven't done anything
9. haven't done anything
10. haven't done anything

25 July 2009



24 July 2009

rock steady

1. mac > pc. even though i am a strong advocate for windows, i must say mac is just more convenient.
2. knocking on your bedroom door.
3. i replaced a lightbulb in my room with a black light. spencers chic; lame, but whatever.
4. made a killer cheese sandwich.
5. cheese sandwiches.
6. morphing into a pigeon feeder.
7. can you imagine if humans didn't have nails? ew.
8. i'm so happy i have flg, and sad that i can't have flg.
9. ten.

mie ghoodnezz.
time really is running out.

* * *

if you want a good jam:
rock steady
steady rockin all night long

19 July 2009


natascha mcelhone is a very beautiful woman, but the movie killing me softly sucked. and heather graham is not the most impressive actress, by any means.

my knees are bruised up, again.

18 July 2009

i hope you appreciate

15 July 2009

lost things.

photobucket is great. i rarely use it anymore, but i was looking at old crap today.
watched this video i took of us trying to throw a lighter into a bonfire. ridiculuzzz.

mortal kombat rox my sox


enough to kill a fuckin baby, right?

the only real thing of my childhood.

lemme think. eleven years old. and i look like ralph macchio.

eh i'm done.

but seriously, i'd hop in my car and start driving if i could.

it's times like these that i reevaluate myself.
i'm not sad. i'm not too particularly enthralled about anything, but i'm not sad.

going to austin tomorrow.
playing thursday.
mending some things friday.
working saturday.
_______ sunday.
going to dallas monday.
that's all i know right now. i'm not thinking ahead when it comes to 'in two weeks.' i'm thinking ahead when it comes to 'in five years.' but that's nothing new. it's either this week or next, or 5+ months from now. you understand? no. you, as in hypothetical, you. you, as in the white background on which i'm typing, you.

i'd very much like it if i could create magic.
even if i could only do one thing, one time only, but for good.
who knows?
well, i am sammy rios. so, i mean, anything's possible.

hahahaha i jest. i'm not THAT vain.

but seriously, i'd hop in my car and start driving if i could.

08 July 2009

new oarleeenz.

i'm sitting in this here fine hotel "business office" attending to my business.
just got home from walking around downtown,
eatin shit,
buyin shit,
doin shit
it's nice. a nice change of scenery from dumb old san antonio. san antonio is really dumb. REEEEAALLY dumb.
i've been eating a whole lot recently.
i don't have much to say.
i suppose i could write about how awesome this necklace i bought is. it's an alligator foot. wee! love it.
this is nice not being home, as i've already reiterated (redundant: already reiterated...)
can't wait until jewel-i/august 2010!

06 July 2009

ain't that precious?

05 July 2009

i ended up having a good fo'the o' jewel-i.
atleast my night.

04 July 2009

chz plz part deux


i've really been quite pathetic lately, only dabbling a mere interest in my friends, burning (not building) bridges with my family, wah wah wah wah, pity me, right? no.

it's strange when you wake up and you truly don't know what to do with yourself. you just have no idea. at this rate, i just want the school year to start already. get me out of this place.

of course, this is just me being mopey right now.
it's 4th of july, i'm not really sure what happened to my plans, they just sort of disentigrated.

i'm going to try to get my job back. i'm happy when i'm busy, that's for sure.

so far i've written four "just's". i wonder what the definition of just is.
9. within a brief preceding time; but a moment before: The sun just came out.
10. exactly or precisely: This is just what I mean.
11. by a narrow margin; barely: The arrow just missed the mark.
12. only or merely: He was just a clerk until he became ambitious.
13. actually; really; positively: The weather is just glorious.
why is that 13 not centered like the other ones?
flowers make rooms so much prettier, they really do. there's been a fresh bouquet in the front room for a while now, it changes like every week, but it honestly does make me happier looking at it.
it's also weird how whenever i look at my animals, it's like looking at them for the first time. their holiness just doesn't seem to fade away, and for that i know they're special.

i should just get out.