30 May 2009

thank your lucky stars.

I've been doing some thinking.
And I really hate it when I'm wrong.
So I hope I'm right.
This pisses me off.

24 May 2009


i guess i like to be reassured?

i fear of losing my intelligence.

somebody told me yesterday that if you're set on what your future is, it's going to happen, despite the speedbumps. i like that.

bright neon work out shorts,
dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamcatchers, they catch my dreams!,
making gold out of candy wrappers


22 May 2009

17 May 2009

so, the strings of this year are getting knotted together. i've got more than enough objects of concern and/or dismay to feed the all-inclusive population's universal psyche, and my priorities are out of whack. i'm exercising almost every day. i'm trying to eat in good health (although the amount of crap i eat outbalances the good i inhale.) and i'm starting to become conscious that i shouldn't be so slipshod in regards my short term memory, it's a very precious thing.
is it utterly incredulous to avow that i'm happier when i'm miserable? when i let things pry me open, or i let acts of melancholy sweep my state of mind. the decree that shall remain anonymous from 2005-2007 still lingers about me, i almost miss it. that's why i've assumed myself zany.
sometimes there exists not a single thread of joie de vivre. sometimes the strings i've pulled this year haunt me.

you constantly hear people gripe about something missing from their life and they can't put their finger on it and i hate to swamp myself into this pathetic majority of humanity, as luck would have it, i cannot refuse to empathize with them. so often i try to calculate the beginnings of something, but i find myself tripping over factors of no great concern, getting distracted by the greatly looked down upon bullshit.
basically, i've lost something i once possessed, a certain type of mentality.

or, maybe i'm just a crezze fool.

i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy i'm not happy.

16 May 2009

i lost my hat.

i hate it when little kids have juice stains on their mouths.
i hate it when a person takes years to get into the turn lane.
i hate it when people wear fruity scented deodorant.
i hate it when itunes doesn't have the track listing for a cd.
^but that's a lie, because i secretly like typing the information in.

i love it when i see animals pick at the ground after it rains.
i love it when i'm on the other side of somebody washing windows/car washes count.
i love it when anybody uses the word 'supine'.
i love it when i get to type in a cd's information on itunes.
^ but that's a lie, because secretly i'm a lazy person who just likes one click things.

15 May 2009

it's true.

i love myself.

my gidget when she was a baby.

12 May 2009

aw man.

added one more thing to my agenda.

11 May 2009


need it.

10 May 2009

she stepped inside the dangling portrait, there was simply nothing she could do.
sometimes there exists a cutting blade tickling the tender niblets of skin on their arms. and they exist for the reason that remains solo: duty. Pulling the reigns of reality can screw you over sometimes. Y'KNOMESAYIN'? yeah, just go ahead and let the strings of cancer infiltrate your precious organs. and for what reason? satisfaction? that's dreadful. she's sorry you have nothing to live for; no soul who appreciates the way your day went; no bit of dust bummed over the unfortune it contains of being held back from landing on your weak shoulder. such a statement for a fleck of dust?
you'd be surprised.
She stepped
Inside The Dangling
portraiT, therE waS simplY nothinG shE coulD dO.
what if we reversed half the set things we do?
just a thought,.

09 May 2009

i'm so k00l. be my friend.
1. whilst the army remained on the shore, lusting for war.
2. great scott, watson! what a fool i've been!
3. that's just what you do, y'know? that's just what you do.
4. morning sickness taste like communion wine.
5. i would not be thy executioner.
6. constellations are wastin' away.
7. drinking in the light.
8. gazing at the midnight sky.
9. what do you mean how do i know?
10. t'was his adulterous bride the reason behind that ill-fated war.

07 May 2009

too many people, not enough hearts.

feel bad for people with:
stretch marks (that's me, on my knees)
double chins
armpit fat
no butt

05 May 2009


04 May 2009

drunkin donuts

VANITY KILLZ. just ask me.

whether assuming a male or female role, i must declare (even though i don't have celebrity crushes, because only douches have those...i guess i'm going to contradict my sorry ass) cillian murphy just makes me melt. i'd throw myself at him.

on a more serious note even though i already was being completely serious, THEY BETTER NOT FUCKING CLOSE DOWN MY FUCKING SCHOOL AND POSTPONE MY FUCKING GRADUATION DATE because of some fucking disease. ugh i can't even explicate how extremely disappointed i'll be.
too many fucks, i apologize.

i've been writing a lot, writing a lot of essays and shit, for my personal leisure. who the hell does that? me. not gonna lie, inspirational music triggers my quench for opulent verbosity (duh, that's what it means by inspirational, trust me, i know), and listening to white lies is pretty damn invigorating. they have these strung out chords that just tug my heartstrings. that sounded so ghey <--i never use that word. what the fuck i never use arrows like that.

us gov't. ap exam at oh eight hundred hours that i am completely blowing off. i think i'll write about humanity in the essay portion instead of historical events and/or the derivative of the constitution of the united states of america. i really hate how that sentence has the word OF in it four times.

just for shits and giggles i'm gonna use another arrow.
<-- handsome devil, in Breakfast on Pluto, a dashing film.

right now, i feel like going throughs some woodz. and do what in these woodz? take a guess. man, i just cannot grasp how i feel about my life right now.